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This video shows you how to easily install a Ready Pop Backdrop Display. This video walks the viewer step by step through the process of Brent and Lamar setting up this backdrop we produced for the Carolina Panther NFL football team.  

1) First, removing the display from the bag, 
2) then expanding it out and laying it flat on the floor face up, 
3) connecting each of the stabilizing hooks, 
4) setting it upright 
5) Velcro both end cap panels on each side 
6) bow to the cheers of loyal and trustworthy camera man  
7) Exit stage left and right
8) Finished in less than two minutes!  

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays specializes in the design and production of custom event signage and displays. Our Charlotte NC and Washington DC Sign Shops are well equipped with the technology and equipment to produce a wide variety of custom manufactured wide format printed and fabricated event and trade show signs and graphics.  

Heritage Printing, Signs & Displays is a veteran owned commercial printing and custom sign company with production facilities in Charlotte, NC and Washington, DC.  Established in 1977, Heritage has had the privilege of serving thousands of satisfied clients over the past 43 years.  To discuss how our team members can support your company's event signage and display needs, feel free to call us at 202-609-9761 or 704-551-0700 or go to our event signage and trade show display product page at https://heritageprinting.com/products/trade-show-displays-dc.php

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