Jimmy Bill
on March 24, 2020
To make your foiling experience more thrilling, upgrade to a kitefoil with a titanium fuselage by TAAROA. First, titanium is corrosion-resistant and very rigid which makes it totally unalterable! Therefore the warranty for our titanium fuselages is 10 years. Also, we have realized during computer simulations that our aluminum fuselages warp a little at high speed. Thus, it changes the balance of the foil. With titanium, a more rigid material, that deformation is minimal; it then gives more stability at high speed.
In summary: titanium is perfect for everyone who wants to invest in a high-performance product in the long run. https://www.taaroa-hydrofoil.com/shop/category/kitefoil-1
Dimension: 960 x 960
File Size: 68.7 Kb
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