by September 6, 2019
If you've been living under a rock, allow me to present the best TV news anyone has heard in a while: Hilary Duff will soon be reprising her role as Lizzie McGuire—but this time she'll be in her 30s. It's safe to say we're waiting with bated breath to see what Lizzie has been up to, but we'll have to make do with what Duff herself has been wearing lately. Specifically, she happened to find the best item on all of Free People, and it comes in seven different colors.Duff joined fiancé Matthew Koma...
by September 7, 2019
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I can still remember the first time I ever applied liquid eyeliner. I had finally convinced my mom to let me experiment with the stuff, and I was so pumped about it I didn't even care that it looked like I'd applied it during an earthquake. Now, years later, and after lots of trial and error, it's become my holy grail, everyday makeup staple. (I can basically draw a cat eye in my sleep at this point.)Many years of experience have taught me that you don't have to shell out a lot of money to snag ...
by September 7, 2019
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At this point, it’s safe to say that summer has officially come to an end. And while you might be looking longingly back at the months of warm summer nights and backyard barbecues, there are plenty of things to look forward to in the fall such as crisp air, seasonal traditions and holidays, and, dare we say it, pumpkin spiced lattes. Among all of those, of course, are stylish fall outfits.Let’s face it: Saying goodbye to your warm-weather staples for the year is never easy. But if there’s anythi...
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