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by Published on September 9, 2019

While preparing an academic paper, you may have often contemplated using paraphrasing tools to make your papers stand out. This is primarily because you may have failed to articulate the meaning of some paragraphs or sentences of a text. Well, paraphrasing isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Sure, it involves a process, but if you know the right ways to paraphrase, you will have no trouble putting together an authentic academic paper.

  • Read the study materials carefully

Reading the texts carefully is essential to ensure that you paraphrase your academic task in your own words. Carry out thorough reading until you completely absorb what the text is trying to convey. Even though the process is elaborate, it works better than using a paraphrasing tool.  

You can take notes while reading the texts. This way, you'll already be paraphrasing it. After reading every paragraph, pause and rewrite what was said. Think of it like you're explaining what's conveyed in the text to someone else.

  1. Build on the existing content

Paraphrasing is essential to avert plagiarism, but your objective should be to use the information to support your own argument. Consider how the resource material relates to your particular academic paper and build on the existing content.

For instance, if your paper is about gender disparity in the workplace, you might add, "Hence, the best way to maintain a progressive work environment is to provide equal opportunities to both male and female employees.”

  1. Alter the structure other than the words

When you're paraphrasing your academic work in your own style, the sentence structure often changes naturally. However, if you see that any of your sentences or paragraphs too closely resembles the original work, tweak the structure to steer clear of plagiarism.

For example, say a paragraph of literary criticism began by elaborating on the character relationships before stating theory on the work's theme. When preparing your academic task, you can mention the theme first and then move on to discuss the character relationships.

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