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Ankita Sehgal
by Published on March 3, 2020

What you feed your baby at a young age lays the foundation for his or her lifestyle in the years to come. This makes for a compelling reason to ensure a healthy and nutrition rich diet for your little one. Deciding what all you should include in the meal can get confusing given the varied nutrients and minerals you want to include. To reduce your confusion to some extent, we have the ultimate food item that you should not miss in your baby’s diet.           

Ragi is a super food that serves as your saviour. It has high nutritional value and immense health benefits. It has around 10 times higher calcium content than other grain found in the Indian household. Ragi for babies is a great idea as it provides nutrients such as proteins, calcium and iron that power the baby’s growth and development. It can be used in various forms and multiple combinations to create delicious meals. You can feed him or her ragi cereals or use ragi powder in your cooking. Slurrp Farm has organic products such as sprouted ragi cereals among other products that you can include in your baby’s diet.

One great way of using ragi is to turn regular ragi grains into sprouted ragi. This instantly adds to the nutritional value of this super grain. On soaking ragi, they germinate causing the outer layer to open up and converting a seed into a live plant. The newly emerging sprouts have altered nutritional content which is massively advantageous. Still not convinced about the additional benefits of sprouted ragi? Read on to learn more reasons to feed this form of grain to your baby!

1. Reduction of Anti-nutrients: Plants produce a number of anti-nutrients during metabolism such as phytic acid, polyphenols, tannins, flavonoids, and trypsin inhibitors. These bind with essential components such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc which makes it difficult for the body to absorb and digest these minerals. Soaking and sprouting ragi reduces the anti-nutrients to a large extent.

2. Increased Calcium Absorption: Sprouted ragi has increased calcium level by over 20%. Since they are sprouted, absorption becomes easier for the body and gives more benefits from the same quantity. It helps in bone development which is extremely important for babies.     

3. Easy to Digest: Sprouted ragi has reduced fat content and converts the dense protein into simpler amino acids that assists easy digestion. Light food is easy on the digestive system which is good for the baby as they are still getting used to digesting new solid foods.      


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