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by Published on February 16, 2020

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Incubators have become one of the essential parts in the case of cell culture. It provides the ideal condition for any cell development. Laboratory incubators are also used to preserve samples in the biology and pharmacy industries. A properly designed incubator is a great help in your  Laboratory Freezers works. A good incubator provides better growth for cells and tissues and also lessens the chance of contamination. If you buy a good quality incubator, then maintenance is also easier because it can be cleaned easily and yearly maintenance is enough.

You can find multiple options for incubators in the market. This makes choosing a little difficult. You need to buy an incubator that is durable, advanced and is perfect for the experiments performed in your lab. Here is a guide for buying the right incubator.

  1. The importance of heat application

You need to consider the heat and temperature before buying an incubator for your laboratory.  Water jacket incubators can maintain temperature for a long time and can also recover it easily. It is great if your laboratory gets a frequent power shortage. The direct heat incubator can offer an easier sterilization process with a single button press.

2. Take a not about oxygen control

In the case of cell culture, oxygen level matters. A proper oxygen level allows the cell to grow properly and faster. If you go for in-vivo cell culture, you need to go for an incubator that controls the oxygen level and provides the native environment for the samples.

3. Check if the model has a humidity control feature

Before you buy a particular model, check if it has a humidity control feature. If your experiments need to be performed in an environment with controlled humidity, then you need to be careful. An incubator with an environmental chamber is the best choice.

4. The HEPA filter is must

 The HEPA filter is a must for a good quality incubator. It prevents contamination and provides ISO 5 class 100 air. HEPA filter also helps in the case of sterilization and high-temperature culture.

5.  Check the temperature range

Check your temperature range before buying an incubator. If you experiment with cells that need a lower temperature range then it is better to choose a refrigerated incubator. If the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius, then a normal incubator is enough.

6. Make sure the incubator has ports and outlets

 You need to buy an incubator that has ports and outlets. These two things allow you to use any other types of equipment or accessories like shakers, plates, etc inside the incubator without opening the door.

If you can follow the above guideline, then you can easily buy the best laboratory incubator. Golobal lab supply is known for its lab equipment including different models of incubators. You can consult its executives and choose the best option in your budget.

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