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by Published on February 12, 2020

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Benchtop hoods are used in laboratories to get safety against hazardous particles. The benchtop hoods provide a safe environment inside the lab. But, it should be maintained properly to ensure it works properly.

Here are some maintenance tips that can be followed-

  1. Inspect the Air condition

The airflow in the fume hoods is essential. If the air condition and airflow are not in the right situation, the machine may not work correctly. Hence, you need to check the air disturbance and air source before installing the device. The device should not be placed near the windows, fans, traffic, air diffusers or vents. The air coming from these sources can minimize the effect of the fume hood.

  • It should be adequately cleaned. Cleaning should be done regularly so that the machine is in proper condition.
  • The hood must be cleaned using the give guidelines. If a regular person cannot clean it; you can call a technician or expert. They can provide a better cleaning service. The machine must also be examined regularly. You need to check the airflow at least once in a month to avoid any complications. Besides that, also make sure you check the air filters every month. If anything seems unnatural, then it is better to call the expert. It should be dusted regularly to avoid any complications.
  • The machine is for maintaining air quality. Hence, it should not be used as storage. Make sure you do not store things on the top of the fume head.
  1. Operate the machine as per the guidelines

If you want to make the device last, then you need to operate it properly. You must understand the operating procedure before you start using it. Always keep the hood closed when the machine is not in use. Any container or equipment must be stored at a distance of a minimum of six inches to prevent any spillage. If there is a power cut, make sure to open the hood to avoid the chimney effect caused by it. It would help if you also were careful while using the shade with lighter materials. The materials like paper, aluminum sheet, wipes or paper towels can get stuck in the air vents.

  • It is better to be careful if you are working with radioactive materials. Try to check if the machine is working before you start working. You can check the back portion of the hood to monitor the airflow.
  • The benchtop fume hood or  Laboratory Fume Hoods needs servicing. If it is damaged, then make sure to get the servicing done. Also, call an electrician to check the machine.
  • If there is any spillage, then it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The machine should be kept in a fixed position.

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