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by Published on December 16, 2019

Not everyone is aware of the legal matters, so you need legal assistance from an expert when you face such issues. When immigrants and foreign citizens face deportation issues, face criminal charges in a foreign country, green cards, and citizenship issues, they require a criminal immigration lawyer. 

The immigration lawyers are different from other kinds of lawyers, and they advise and provide guidance to the non-citizens to resolve their issues efficiently. There are times when the lawyers can handle the problems by interacting between the criminal laws and the immigrants. There are several situations when you should hire an immigration lawyer.

  • If the immigration applicant convicted crime

The criminal immigration lawyer can understand how criminal law and immigration overlap. When the individual is applying for a visa for a foreign country, they have to disclose their criminal records to the authority. If the applicant has convicted crime, they should take legal assistance from the lawyer to get out of the situation.

  • If the person has previously deported

No common man is aware of the effects of exclusion and deportation, and the immigration lawyer will help you understand the impact of deportation from a foreign country. Sometimes deportation refers to permanent exclusion from the country and barred from the future application.

  • If the application denied

When an individual who has applied for a foreign visa gets rejected the application, they can take the assistance of an immigration lawyer for re-applying for the visa and to know the reason behind rejection of the application.

  • For employment-based visa

It is a complicated process to get the employment-based permission, the lawyers will help you in immigration issues and ensure that the employer is fulfilling the obligations towards the immigrant employee.

  • If the process is delayed

Though the process takes time, the visa should be produced within a stipulated time period, and if it is delayed unreasonably, you can take legal assistance from an expert.

Well, there many other issues related to immigration that is dealt with by immigration attorneys. If you are looking for the best criminal immigration lawyer, you can access, https://alamilaw.com.

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