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by Published on August 29, 2019

Just like our minds automatically drift toward moody shades of nail polish, boots, and sweaters for fall, our hair also starts to shift toward luxe hues such as copper, dark chocolate, or icy hues like platinum. However, after tapping some of the best celebrity hair colorists for their expert seasonal shade predictions, the coolest hair colors this fall aren't quite so predictable.

Bold shades of auburn, gilded blonde, and charcoal are on the table alongside less expected hair colors such as rosewood, midnight denim, and even creamy, gossamer shades of blonde. Intrigued yet?

To obtain each and every detail, we asked three top colorists who cater to a slew of our favorite celebrities for the most-wanted fall hair colors that we should definitely have on our radar this upcoming season. From essential pointers and instructions for your colorist to the best color-maintaining hair products, we have you covered. Ahead, eight hair colors for fall and everything you need to know for each. Keep scrolling!

"For fall, I am living for a mauve moment like rosewood," celebrity colorist Guy Tang tells us. "Rosy pinks and soft browns blend seamlessly together for an effortless shade that's gorgeous for fall but which also works year-round." Tang recommends asking your colorist for a shade of rose gold that will best suit your skin tone and keeping your color intact with shade-protecting shampoos and conditioner. (We love Tang's #MyConfidant Color Securing Shampoo, $13). Additionally, a color-depositing conditioner is a great way to keep the hue of your strands in tip-top form in between your color sessions. The brand Overtone has rose-gold options that are specifically formulated for those with dark and light hair. Go ahead and pick your poison.

"Midnight denim blue is a subtle and stunning way to provide high-impact results that are super easy to achieve," adds Tang. This fall hair color is a great update for brunettes especially and requires minimal upkeep in between your color appointments—just make sure you have a great color-protecting shampoo and conditioner stocked in your shower at all times. For a super-affordable pick, we love L'Oréal Paris EverPure Anti-Fade Lightweight Volume Shampoo ($7), which is sulfate-free.

"From blondes to brunettes, warmer hair colors will be a major theme this fall," predicts celebrity colorist Jenda Alcorn. "As a colorist, this has me VERY excited. Personally, I've seen enough of the gray/ashy trends from last year!" "It's the end of summer, and so many of my blonded brunette clients (brunette base with beachy, sandy highlights) are coming in feeling it's time for a change, which means they are ready for more pigment and tone," Alcorn explains. "Instead of their usual glosses, which are usually sandy violet or beige gold to help prevent brassiness, I’ve been mixing varying levels of copper and gold glosses. Ranging from intense copper (very red chestnut) to more subtle honey with little flecks of copper (golden strawberry)." According to Alcorn, going a tad warmer, regardless of your current hair color, is a quick and easy change if you're wanting to try something new but don't want anything overly dramatic for fall. If you already have highlights from the previous appointment, all you require is a change in toner or gloss, which doesn't impart damage and actually and seals down your cuticle, which might be compromised from summer issues like sun and dehydration. "I have my clients use a color-pigmented conditioner or gloss at home to refresh and maintain between appointments," Alcorn continues. "If you're super light, I recommend a golden-hued option. If you’re a redhead looking to re-pigment between appointments (red molecules fade fastest), look for one that's copper. For brunettes, it will be a mix of both. I show my clients exactly how much of each I want them to use, and they mix the copper and gold conditioners at home themselves. Try using the color conditioners once a week to twice a month depending on how often you wash and your desired results. Your colorist can help determine what’s best for you."

Over the past few years, silvery, platinum blonde has been a huge trend—especially among our favorite celebrities. That said, according to Alcorn, the tides are turning toward a softer, ever so slightly more golden shade of bright blonde versus ashy or silver.  "You can stay light and bright but with a very subtle tone of gold in lieu of the previously popular gray ash tones of the last few years," Alcorn confirms. Home maintenance is a gold-pigmented conditioner once a month or as needed. Try Moroccanoil's (new!) Color Depositing Mask in Champagne ($28), which is specifically formulated for those wanting to attain or maintain the perfect fall shade of warm, golden blonde. 

The crimson trend isn't leaving, and as Alcorn tells us, for fall 2019, there isn't one particular shade of red that will be more popular than others. Instead, everything from fiery, orange-leaning shades to richer, cherry-esque hues of auburn are up for grabs. The effect is luxurious, and it's the perfect way to quench your thirst for a new signature beauty look this coming season.  "I'm a firm believer that more people should take the plunge toward red, and, honestly, more people are going for it!" exclaims Alcorn. "This trend involves anything from deep auburn to strawberry blonde. Before your actual color session, I recommend setting up a consultation with your colorist. Since shades of red hair can range from more blue-based to more orange-based, it’s crucial you find the right shade for your skin tone."

A versatile color trend for fall, celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard describes lush, mink mocha as anything from a tawny shade of blonde-brown to borderline charcoal. Since bright pops of hot pink and orange are big trends this season on the fashion circuit, Goddard says this rich, glossy hue is the perfect way to accent your wardrobe for fall.  "Ask your colorist for a few subtle highlights (to add dimension and movement) and then drench with a rich gloss for at least 10 minutes to create a reflective, mega-watt finish," she suggests. For maintenance, Goddard says you should space your gloss appointments every six weeks or so and highlights every two to four months. To keep things shiny at home and to preserve hair health amid fall and winter's dry, chilly temperatures, she recommends using Wella Invigo Brilliance Shampoo for Coarse Hair ($30) and Rossano Ferretti Parma Grandioso 02 Volumizing Shampoo ($39) for those with finer hair texture.

According to Goddard, asking your colorist for gleaming aura highlights is the ultimate way to transition summer hair color to fall. Depending on your base color and skin tone, she recommends opting for flattering, rich, and glossy hues like toffee or dark wheat, which should be strategically placed on the upper midshaft of the hair through the ends.  "Ask your colorist to add bits of ribbon-sized highlights and to lighten no more than two to two and a half shades lighter than your natural color," Goddard says.

Think of this fall hair color as ever-so-slightly beige and creamy—the perfect compromise if you're craving blonde but don't want to be as warm as the buttery hue we talked about above.  "Ask your colorist for very fine, beautifully hand-painted highlights starting about a quarter inch from your scalp through your ends and adding a circle of light-handed highlights right along the hairline—blended from the scalp through the ends," Goddard explains, noting that this technique is less jarring and lends a natural, very ethereal feel to your overall look. 

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