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Marcus Kirby
by Published on November 8, 2019

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see.

As we've shown you time and time again, our readers are a wealth of style inspiration. Whenever we log on to check our tagged photos, our stylish community of readers and followers never fails to leave us with an outfit idea or clued into an emerging trend, and now we're turning to them for shopping ideas, too. Though as an editor I may be the one reporting on the trends, you're the ones going out and discovering the coolest pieces and styling them to a T—and I've definitely noticed it. So today, I asked a handful of our coolest readers to divulge the contents of their shopping carts.

The styles they're diving headfirst into? Winter's top items, like the prettiest pearl-adorned cardigan, Prada's chunky combat boots, and more than one Saks Potts coat. Not only are they adding these items to cart, they're also already wearing some of them on repeat. So without further ado, discover the best winter shopping picks our readers have been wearing and/or eyeing lately and add them to your own cart if you're so inspired.

"Such a practical everyday bag with a great design and color—so easy to style!"

"This is a classic men's loafer with a vintage vibe. It will look great with a pinstripe suit or a white shirt dress and trench coat."

"One of my favorite combinations to wear this season is the boots tucked into pants. These boots from Dear Frances are perfect to wear with pants that are a little bit wider. I love to wear it combined with a heavy knit turtleneck and an oversize coat or blazer."

"Since I'm always cold I love to wear oversize wool coats because I can wear layers underneath them. I love to combine it with a simple T-Shirt (or knit), a blazer and some pants."

"I prefer wearing more of a statement shoe in the winter, especially when I'm all bundled up in a coat, and I've had my eye on a few pairs of chunky oxfords that I think would be perfect to stomp around in. The Prada platform Derby shoes are so good, but I also really love these Proenza Schouler leather Oxford shoes."

"I recently added a pinstripe blazer from Billie the Label to my wardrobe, and I have to say it is the perfect fit. It's structured with just the right amount of oversize boxiness, and it's a woman-founded brand, which I'm always a fan of. This blazer can definitely be worn on its own with a sweater underneath, but I think it would also layer beautifully under a winter coat."

"The Prada Monolith boots are the ultimate boot of the season. The added side pockets are key to the versatility of the shoe, which can be worn in a plethora of ways. To be honest, this is the perfect statement to any outfit you decide on wearing."

"Monotonous outfits tend to reign supreme during the colder seasons, which is why I've been eyeing this Burberry bag. The asymmetrical color play on this bag is the perfect edge to any outfit for this upcoming season."

"These boots have made multiple appearances on my Instagram since they are hands down my favorite shoes to wear with jeans. I love the modern squared-off toe and hourglass-shaped heel. Plus the black-and-beige color combo means these will go with just about every color clothing item."

"I’ve had my eye on these pants; they’re flannel and plaid—two things that are so winter. They make a matching plaid jacket, so naturally I’d want to wear them both for a real statement. But these pants would also look good with a black sweater or blazer. Festive but not too festive."

"I’ve thrown caution to the wind and purchased this Saks Potts coat I’ve had my eye on for about two years! It sells out fast, but this time I said no, not happening."

"I’ve had my eye on another trend-heavy piece—completely unintentional—the Bottega Veneta ankle boots. Currently sold out in my size, but a little birdie told me Net-a-Porter will be restocking soon."

"I've been wanting the perfect fall/winter shirt to add into my wardrobe; leave it to Nanushka to come up with the perfect one. This vegan leather shirt is so incredibly soft, and there are so many ways to wear it (open, closed, layered). I'm planning on throwing on a white turtleneck underneath and wearing the shirt buttoned up and tucked into some trousers."

"I picked up these Chloe rain boots a few weeks ago and am so happy that I did. Not only are they comfortable, but they have amazing tread and can be worn in rain, snow, or sun (for us in California). I've already paired these boots with trousers, skirts, dresses and even denim."

"Winter is all about layering, so finding a piece that makes layering super effortless and chic to me is a thrill. I would pair these with a crewneck black tee, chunky chain-link necklace, and black knee-high boots."

"This winter, it's time to turn the tights notch up a dial. Fishnets and plain sheer tights are cool, but floral or embroidered tights are even cooler. I would wear these with any of my midi or high slit floral dresses and strappy sandals to create a romantic'70s-style look."

"Winter is all about layering so finding a piece that makes layering super effortless and chic to me is a thrill. I would pair these with a crewneck black tee, chunky chainlink necklace, and black knee-high boots."

"Obsession levels are high with this one. The upgraded version of the perfect cardigan that comes puffy sleeves and pearl buttons—want!"

"When I spotted these beauties, I knew I had to have them. They tick all the boxes for me: chunky heels? Check. Square-toe? Check? Brown croc-effect? Check. Though they’re on the higher side of heels, they’re actually pretty comfortable, which makes them the perfect go-to boots for any outfit. My favorite way of wearing them is either with good-old denim jeans or tailored-trousers if I’m feeling a tad dressy."

"We all deserve a Saks Potts coat, and if there’s one style I could get my hands on, it’s this! I hate the cold, dull colors, and everything else associated with this season. So this monochromatic beaut is perfect for brightening up those dark winter days. Plus, I have a thing for fur trimming at the moment."

"After endlessly searching for the perfect style, this winter I’ll be keeping my feet warm in these cowboy boots from Zara. I’d wear them with a pair of light blue mom jeans finished off with a supersized blazer. Or better yet, a pair of track pants for an effortless ‘I can’t be bothered, but still want to look stylish’ look."

"What I like about this pair of boots is the croc effect. It's definitely a very low-key winter pattern. I usually wear them with blue jeans and a blouse for an everyday look."

"A leather trench in a classic black is a must for the winter. You can easily create an everyday look by combining with a pair of leather boots and leather shorts. Chic and powerful."

Next, see (and shop) the coolest fall and winter jackets our readers are wearing.

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