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Marcus Kirby
by Published on October 6, 2019

We've all had those days when the discovery that our hair is just a touch greasier than we thought descends upon our morning routines like a dark cloud. It's a dreadful feeling, because, of course by the time you realize what's happening on top of your head, there's almost never a whole lot of time to remedy the situation. You can pretty quickly blot away excess oil from your skin, but the same just is not true for hair. Cue panic. 

That's where these hairstyles for hiding greasy roots come in to save the day. Whether the culprit was too much leave-in conditioner or one too many days since that last wash, these easy styles can help you disguise the unkempt look of oily hair in a flash. Ahead, our favorite looks and all the products you'll need to achieve them.

Classic cornrows are not only an artful expression but also an excellent oil disguiser. 

These undone plaits will keep that oily hair off your face in the most stylish way.

Create a little more texture with a great dry shampoo.

Use a wide tooth comb to separate the hair into braidable sections without too much pulling.

A tousled topknot is the answer to many a hair woe, including greasy roots.

A sleek high bun will make you forget all about your problematic roots.

A low bun right at the nape of the neck is such a sophisticated look, especially paired with a deep middle part. 

Whether you're going for a sleek style or a more laid-back look, a boar-bristle brush will get your hair prepped to go in any direction.

Whether you're creating a low bun, a topknot, or any other pulled-back style in the book, these versatile hair ties help you fasten your hair without unintentional bumps.

Your natural hair oils can only help to achieve this deep, slicked-down side part.

Class up a basic low pony styled up with crisscrossed bobby pins.

Shake things up with a half-up, half-down moment.

This flexible-hold spray is the perfect finishing touch to keep any ponytail in place.

This handy kit contains everything you might need to pull your hair back into a polished style.

Add a headband and call it a day.

A chic head scarf is always a good idea.

Hats can hide a lot, including the oil slick happening at your roots.

Hiding oily hair in style is the name of the game here. Do as Blaire Waldorf would do and reach for a padded headband. 

For the days when you literally just can't but you still want to look like you kind of can.

Whether you fasten this scarf to cover your entire head, or roll it into more of a headband, it'll hide your greasy roots without being a dead giveaway of your situation. Up next, every beauty product at Urban Outfitters just went on sale—here's what to buy.

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